I just spent a day without being able to send email because I enabled two factor authentication on my work account. That and a complicated gmail setup that apparently appeals to no one else ;)

I forward all my mail from my work, google apps account into my personal gmail account so that all my email is consolidated for reading, filtering, etc. I then use the “Send mail as” functionality to email from my work account. Gmail even allows you to configure alternate SMTP information so that when I send from my work account people don't get a "Sent on behalf of..." in their Outlook.

Well, when I turned on the new two factor authentication for my work email account the smtp password stopped working and this all broke...silently.

No errors when I sent the email, no errors on the SMTP configuration page and worst: all my emails made it successfully into the "sent” folder!

I finally just guessed what must be happening and fixed it.



I was getting errors(unable to find valid certification path to requested target) in Alfresco trying to connect to LDAP over ssl using an untrusted certificate and found a great hint on the interwebs that I thought I'd share.

Most of the hits on google mention this post: http://blogs.sun.com/gc/entry/unable_to_find_valid_certification

My only criticism of that article is that it only minimally addresses how to actually use the fixed keystore.  I downloaded their source and hacked it  up a little change the name of the certificate store from "jssecacerts" into "cacert" which is the default certificate store for all java programs.  My goal was to fix the certificate store for the entire machine.

To install an untrusted certificate into your keystore the process is like this:
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